"Donna Gioia Volpe knows how to get “the shot,” but more importantly, she knows people. I recommended Donna as a regular monthly photo contributor to Bridgewater City Lifestyle magazine and Somerset Hills City Lifestyle magazine based on her photography skills. As the editor of two monthly luxury lifestyle publications, I seek photographers who are versatile. Photoshoots run the range: portraits, action photography, architecture and design, food, fashion and nature/landscape, to name but a few. Our subjects are similarly diverse: from children and pets to politicians and business leaders. 


Donna manages all assignments with aplomb. She approaches tricky situations—like how to shoot a portrait of a golf pro before golf season—with the demeanor of a scholar. She researches technical details like angles and lighting prior to the shoot to ensure the most creative approach. But equally important is her ease with subjects. I repeatedly receive emails from subjects commending her work and telling me how easy she was to work with. She makes subjects feel comfortable, which is a special skill. 


Donna takes a collaborative approach, is always willing to make adjustments to images and is highly responsive. In short, working with Donna makes our magazines look good, not just in terms of the imagery but also in the goodwill she projects on behalf of our publications." - Patti Verbanas


“...when Donna submitted her shots following the first Women’s March. Her work was far beyond anything we’d hoped for. Her images were high quality, with a highly professional layout, and provided a wide variety of perspectives. Donna focused on the larger picture, recording long shots of the crowds and environment and then moved in closer, providing us with smaller moments between marchers, close-ups of signage, and the emotional reactions of speakers and attendees…” - Elizabeth M.


“I am so glad I asked Donna Volpe to photograph my annual photoshoot of my kids. Donna did such amazing work with my kids who tend to be shy. Donna made them feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and their personalities shined through. Donna has a terrific eye for detail and made sure to incorporate her expertise in lighting which provided gorgeous photos. Donna was wonderful to work with and she captured a moment in time that means so much to me. Donna is a truly talented photographer” - Michelle E.


“Donna was able to capture all the love and fun on the day she was taking photographs for my daughter's bridal shower. She was pleasantly professional during our function and mingled very nicely with my guests. She was so discreet while taking photos and we didn't even know it and therefore was able to photograph very natural poses. I was so impressed and pleased with the video Donna created and happy that I will have all these great memories. I hired Donna again for my family xmas party in December and most definitely will hire Donna again in the future!” - Patricia D.